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The University of Chicago is an esteemed private research university located at the University of Chicago in Illinois. It was founded in 1890; its original campus is situated in Chicago’s Hyde Park district. It enrolls 16,445 undergraduate students and 10,157 graduate students in Fall 2021. The University of Chicago has one of the world’s largest endowments and offers thousands of professional degree programs and majors. Many prominent politicians, athletes, and entertainers have been students or alums at the University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago has a very distinguished history and continues to make significant advances in many departments each year. A few notable achievements include having the world’s first campus in the University of Chicago’s Medical Center. Since its inception, the University of Chicago has also continuously grown, adding over 500 new academic units and departments each year. The University of Chicago boasts some of the best research labs in the country and has received numerous national and international awards for its academic reputation. Due to the University of Chicago’s notable accomplishments and distinction, the Chicago area has become a hub and center of the Chicagoland region.

Located in the middle of the Chicagoland region, close to the Oakwoods and Navy Pier, the University of Chicago serves many students with a variety of majors and minors. Students can choose to major in either Arts and Sciences or Science and Education. Each of these concentrations has its unique curriculum, campus life experiences, and proximity to other colleges within the university. Students should visit the University of Chicago website to view the complete curriculum information for their future courses. All the school’s sections are highly ranked and offer internship and degree programs that will benefit your future career.

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Established: 1890
Students: 16k
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Website contact:
Motto: “Crescat scientia; vita excolatur” (Latin)

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