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Stanford University formally referred to as Leland Stanford Junior University, is an exceptional private research academic university in Stanford, California, located in the Bay Area. Leland and Jane Stanford founded Stanford in remembrance of their son, Leland Stanford Sr., who had just died of typhoid fever the previous year. The family moved to a little house on the Stanford campus to raise their son and pursue his doctorate there. Today, Stanford provides graduate degrees, online courses, and joint degrees with other schools.

Most recent Stanford graduates have jobs in research labs or doing public research, and the university offers numerous programs and concentrations for its students. As one might expect, Stanford University applicants’ acceptance rate is quite high, despite the relatively low applicant concentration. Stanford University has over 24,000 alumni, making it the second most popular college following Harvard University. It is also one of only two universities in the United States to be listed in the Times Higher Education’s top 10 best schools.

Many schools offer high acceptance rates to well-qualified prospective applicants. However, Stanford is slightly below the national average for acceptance rates, especially considering the many students who choose not to attend Stanford despite its excellent reputation. Factors such as location and student/teacher ratio are of particular importance and the quality of education within the undergraduate major. A student may apply to a Stanford University undergraduate program but cannot attend unless they meet the school’s minimum admission requirements. However, Stanford does have several graduate schools, and those interested in the graduate programs offered may apply to any of them they like.

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Established: 1891
Students: 17k
Location: Stanford, California, United States
Website contact:
Motto: “Die Luft der Freiheit weht” (Gernan)

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