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Imperial College London is an educational establishment located in London, specializing in arts and sciences for those who have completed their secondary education. It is one of the six main branches of the University of London, London’s most distinguished educational institute. It was founded in 1907 and served its purpose during India’s colonization, and later on, as a means for domestic and international learning. Today, it serves as one of the leading academic institutions in the world.

Imperial College London was started by Prince Albert himself, who wanted to provide a post-graduate school that would serve all aspects of learning. His desire was met when he commissioned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens to design a modernistic structure to be the university’s hallmark. The building is still open to the public, which offers a glimpse into the innovative thinking behind the construction of such a unique tower. The building has a very distinctive, Gothic architecture that is characteristic of the University of London. Among its many attractions include the Latin quadrangular door that stands at its center, which is designed to resemble the Roman Colosseum door.

Imperial College London became the first British college to establish itself outside the University of London after becoming a separate institution. As it was situated so near London’s heart, it was able to quickly attract students and soon had its library and its faculty. Today, its student body numbers over five thousand, making it the largest campus in all of London, UK.

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Established: 1907
Students: 19k
Location: London, United Kingdom
Website contact:
Motto: “Scientia imperii decus et tutamen” (Latin)

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