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The University of Cambridge is an allopathic research university based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It was established in 1219, was given a royal charter by Henry VIII in 1232, and is now one of the world’s leading centers for higher education. The University of Cambridge gained international prominence as the home of the Royal Society of Medicine in England.

The University of Cambridge was among the first to apply modern scientific methods of research. Its library alone houses more than two million volumes, making it the most extensive library in the world. It has long been a center for medical research, with the motto, “In human knowledge, we learn more by doing than by holding hands.” Cambridge University offers over 140 undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as professional master’s degrees and PhDs. It is essential to get a degree from a reputed university because today, it is considered a world leader in higher education. Also, because of the tremendous international reputation of the University of Cambridge, many job opportunities are available in academics, jobs in research and administration, and postgraduate studies.

Cambridge attracts many students due to its beautiful landscapes, excellent museums and libraries, and friendly and cooperative setup. London’s proximity gives easy access to critical global centers such as the London School of Economics and Harvard University. Cambridge has become so famous that it has been referred to as the “Hollywood of the East” because of its many esteemed academics and renowned scholars. The Cambridge area is famous for its restaurants, cafés, shops, and the “fabulous” campus covered with trees.

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Established: 1209
Students: 24k
Location: Cambridge, England
Website contact:
Motto: “Hinc lucem et pocula sacra” (Latin)

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