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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a world-renowned academic and research institution based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Institute was established by students and faculty of Harvard University. The school is dedicated to helping develop the skills of young men and women through its highly innovative research program. The school comprises undergraduate colleges and departments like science, mathematics, and engineering. Undergraduate students can participate in many co-curricular activities and extracurricular events that are supported by the school.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an urban campus, which extends over a mile along the Charles River from Cambridge. There are numerous job opportunities for graduates who want to work in Massachusetts prominent engineering positions. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has attracted top researchers and award-winning faculty members from around the world. Among these, six of the tenured faculty members are from India.

While applying for admissions to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you should evaluate carefully your suitability for admission into the school and select the courses, which you think you need the most to matriculate successfully in the school. You should make sure to submit all necessary transcripts as required by the school. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has excellent graduate programs in its renowned departments such as Computer Science, Engineering, Science & Education, Management, Medicine, and Software. In addition, many of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s degree programs are available online, which enables qualified students to study from home and earn a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in almost any area of science, regardless of the area of expertise they may have.

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Established: 1861
Students: 11k
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Website contact:
Motto: “Mens et Manus” (Latin)

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