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The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the world. It is considered one of the top universities in all of Europe. The University of Oxford received its name from Sir Thomas Oxenham, who was the university’s benefactor. The University of Oxford has been named to represent Oxford’s city in England and is governed by a governing board that is elected each year.

To enroll at the University of Oxford, a person must have a Bachelor of Arts or a Doctor of Science or any of the professional degrees listed above. Students who wish to pursue post-graduate studies at the university will need to achieve a Master’s degree or higher. Many students choose to begin with a Bachelor of Arts degree, which typically takes four years to complete.

In addition to receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, students can also enroll in an area of specialization within the University of Oxford. For example, a student with a Bachelor of Science degree can enroll in a Ph.D. program, while a student with a Bachelor of Arts degree may choose to enroll in a concentration within the humanities or social sciences field. Students can earn either a “Bachelor” or “Master” degree through the University of Oxford. It is done by completing courses in specific areas of study, and the student will be awarded a degree after graduation.

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Established: 1096
Students: 24k
Location: Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Website contact:
Motto: “The Lord is my light”

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