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University College London, commonly referred to as UCL for short, is an exceptional public research university based in London, United Kingdom, and a significant member establishment of the European University Commission. It is one of four branches of the University that are part of the London School of Economics. The University also hosts several financial and business activities. The campus is spread over more than 800 acres of land in the heart of London. The campus was named by Sir Alfred Wallace, the first dean of the University College. The University of London was founded after the dissolution of King Edward IV’s navy.

Many prominent personalities have earned degrees at UCL. One notable alumnus is Winston Churchill. Another prominent luminary is Clement Attlee, who served as prime minister of England during World War II. Attlee also earned a doctorate at the University of London, which is the University’s oldest division. Other notable alumni include George Bernard Shaw, Guy Fawkes, John Paul Jones, Roger Williams, and Michel Morelle.

University College London is one of the major campuses of the London School of Medicine. It is one of four institutions that make up the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The campus was named by King George V to honor the soldiers who had been killed in action on the Isle of Wight during the Second World War. It is one of twenty hospitals located in London.

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Established: 1826
Students: 40k
Location: London, England
Website contact:

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